International B414 Tractor Specs

by Tim McQuade
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The B414 was a mid-sized agricultural tractor developed by International Harvester. The company manufactured and sold the tractor between 1961 and 1966. It was available with either a gasoline or a diesel engine. In 1967, the B414's original selling price was approximately $2,900. International Harvester was one of the preeminent producers of agricultural and industrial equipment during the 20th century.

Gasoline Engine Specifications

International produced the B414 tractor with either a gasoline or diesel engine. The gasoline engine was an International Harvester BC-144 engine, and it featured a four-cylinder, naturally-aspirated engine design. The bore and stroke of the engine measured 3.375 by 4.0 inches. Its compression ratio was 6.3-to-1, and the firing order of the pistons was one, three, four and two. Total engine power was 43.5 horsepower at 2,000 rpm; peak torque potential was 116 foot-pounds at 1,300 rpm.

Diesel Engine Specifications

International Harvester also produced the B414 tractor with an optional diesel engine. This engine, the BD-154, used a four-cylinder design. Its bore and stroke was 3.50 by 4.0 inches and the compression ratio was 22.6-to-1. The total piston displacement was 153.9 cubic inches, or 2.5 liters. The firing order of the pistons was one, three, four and two. The total power of the engine was 43.5 horsepower at 2,000 rpm; the peak torque potential was 113 foot-pounds at 1,400 rpm.


International Harvester made two transmissions available with the B414 tractor: a sliding gear transmission and a reverser-style transmission. The sliding gear transmission featured eight forward gears and two reverse gears. Total transmission oil capacity was 20 quarts. This transmission featured four forward gears plus a reverse with "high" or "low." It had a top speed of 15.6 mph.The reverser transmission featured eight forward gears and a single reverse gear. It also held 20 quarts of fluid. It had four gears in both high and low. Maximum speed with this transmission was 19.6 mph.


The total operating weight of the B414 tract was 4,050 lbs. The tractor had a total length of 117.0 inches, a minimum width of 64.0 inches, a maximum width of 90.0 inches and a height of 60.6 inches. The wheelbase measured 76.5 inches and the ground clearance was 16.7 inches at the rear and 18.7 inches at the front. The front tire dimensions were 6.00-16 while the rear tire dimensions were 13.6-28. The fuel tank held a maximum of 12.7 gallons.

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