Ford 1920 Tractor 7308 Loader Specs

by Rob Wagner

The Ford-New Holland 1920 with an optional 7308 loader was part of the Twenty Compact Series of utility farm/agricultural tractors. Ford-New Holland produced the model 1920 tractor from 1987 to 2000. The company produced the 1920 tractor after Ford's tractor division purchased New Holland in 1986. The 1920 model replaced the Ford-New Holland 1910 and was a larger version of the Ford 1720 model. The 1920's retail price in 2000 was $15,500.


Ford-New Holland farmed out its compact tractor manufacturing to Shibaura of Tokyo, Japan. Shibaura specialized in garden tractors and engines until expanding its operations to compact tractors in 1961. Shibaura specialized in diesel engines that produced superior horsepower compared to similar compact tractors, but at lower rpm, to minimize vibration and noise. Shibaura built the Ford-New Holland 1920 in Japan. The tractor was painted with a blue-and-white color scheme.


A Shibaura 32-horsepower, 122-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine powered the Ford-New Holland 1920. The engine was liquid-cooled and carried 5.9 quarts of coolant. Its power take-off, or PTO, from the rear end of the tractor had a 29-horsepower rating. A shuttle-type transmission with 12 forward gears and four reverse gears transmitted the power from the engine to the two- or four-wheel drive wheels. It had a 12-volt starting system. In contrast, the previous 1983 to 1986 Ford-New Holland 1910 had a smaller four-cylinder engine, with displacement of just 103 cubic inches, but the same horsepower rating and almost the same PTO rating, at 28.5 horsepower. The serial number starts at UP11426 with the 1987 1920 models and is found on the left side of the transmission housing.

Dimensions and Capacities

The Ford-New Holland without the 7308 loader was relatively lightweight at 3,300 lbs. It sat on a 69.9-inch wheelbase, which was 2.9 inches longer than the previous Ford-New Holland 1910 model. Its tires were designed for agricultural work. The front tires were 5.5-by-16 inches and the rear tires measured 13.6-by-24 inches. It had a 9.8-gallon fuel tank. The 1920 featured a three-point hitch and a rear lift capacity of 2,185 lbs. Its hydraulic capacity was 30.7 gallons. Buyers could order the cab in open or closed configurations.

7308 Loader

The 7308 loader had a full dump reach of 23.5 inches. Its full height reach was 100 inches. The clearance at full height with the bucket dumped was 83.3 inches. The maximum dump angle was 39 degrees, while the rollback angle was 20 degrees. The loader's lift capacity was 875 lbs. and its breakout force, or shoveling strength, was 1,602 lbs. The 7308 loader replaced the Ford 770A/B loader that had an 800-lb. capacity and a full height reach of 84 inches. Other optional attachments available for the 1920 included a snow blower, mowing deck and backhoe.

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