Bobcat T200 Specs

by James CroxonUpdated July 21, 2017
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Front-end loaders have become a common and almost regular part of the construction site. Because of their ease of use, they are available to rent and are used in landscaping and general building trades. Because of its low cost and wide range of applications, the Bobcat T200 is one of the most popular models.

Engine and Drivetrain

The Bobcat T200 is powered by a standard 56-horsepower, turbo-charged diesel engine. An available 73-horsepower engine is also available. The T200's engines power a set of tracks instead of wheels enabling the machine to more easily traverse slippery surfaces. Additionally, the track system also ensures the T200 won't be put out of commission due to ruptured tires. In both configurations, the engine powered the tracks and the hydraulic systems.

Performance Specifications

The Bobcat T200 shipped with a 8,080-pound operating weight. The amount of weight it takes to tip the T200, known as the tipping load, is 5,715 pounds. The recommended operating capacity was set at 2,858 pounds, half of the tipping load. The Bobcat T200 had a maximum travel speed of approximately 6.7 miles per hour.

Other Specifications

The Bobcat T200's fuel tank held 25 gallons of diesel fuel. The cooling system contained 1.5 quarts of coolant. The hydraulic pump was able to produce a constant hydraulic fluid flow of 20.6 gallons per minute with an auxiliary high flow of 32 gallons per minute. The T200 measures 135.4 inches long with a standard bucket and 74 inches wide. It was 82.3 inches tall with the operator cab.

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