Specifications of a 1998 Seadoo GTI

by William Bronleigh
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The Sea-Doo GTI is a three-seater personal watercraft that has been produced since 1996. The initial model shared the hull design with Sea-Doo's 1995 GTX model, but had a different engine called the 717. The 1998 model shared a hull with the 1996 GTX and maintained the 717 engine.

Engine Specifications

The 717 Rotax engine powering the 1998 GTI is a two-stroke, twin-cylinder engine. It has a compression ratio of 6.2:1 and a bore and stroke measurement of 82 x 68 mm. The fuel delivery system is a Mikuni carburetor, and the engine runs on 87-octane fuel.

Physical Dimensions

The overall length of the GTI is 123 inches, the height is 41 inches and the width is 47 inches. The dry weight of the watercraft is 815 pounds; it has a load limit of 536 pounds. The fuel capacity is 15 gallons.


The transmission used in the GTI is a direct drive unit. The propulsion system is a Bombardier Formula system with a single stage jet pump.

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