ATC 200X Specifications

by Phil Whitmer
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The Honda ATC 200X was a sporting model ATV introduced in 1983 by Honda Motor Company, the inventor of three-wheeled, off-road, recreational bikes. The ATC designation stands for All Terrain Cycle.


The ATC200X came with a single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead cam, 192 cc engine. It has a bore of 65 mm and a stroke of 57.8 mm with a compression ratio of 9.6:1 producing 142-170 psi of compression pressure. The carburetor is a 24 mm piston-valve Keihin. It has a kick-starter along with a solid-state electric starter.


The 200X has a five-speed transmission with a manual clutch. It features hydraulic disc brakes and a sealed o-ring chain drive-line. There are air-adjustable front forks with 7.3 inches of travel and a rear gas-charged mono-shock with four-way rebound damping with 6.7 inches of travel. The ATV rolls on high-flotation knobby balloon tires.


The ATC 200X has a length of 72.8 inches, width of 41.3 inches and height of 40.9 inches with a seat height of 27.8 inches and a 47.6 inch wheelbase. It's dry weight is 282.2 pounds. The fuel tank capacity is three gallons.

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