KZ1000 Police Specs

by Manny Jeter
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The KZ1000 is a Kawasaki 1,000 cc motorcycle used by police officers. A motorcycle with a 1,000 cc displacement is one of the fastest motorcycles you can buy, which is why police officers use the KZ1000. The KZ1000 is a powerful motorcycle only used by bike riders with advanced skills.

General Specifications

The KZ1000 uses an electric starter with an ignition transistor controlled breakerless ignition (TCBI). The motorcycle has a five-speed transmission and a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons.

Engine Specs

The KZ1000 uses a four-stroke in-line engine with four cylinders. The official displacement for the engine is 998 cc. It has a bore and stroke of 2.73 by 2.6 inches. A four-barrel Mikuni BS34 carburetor delivers fuel to the engine.

Bike Dimensions

The KZ1000 has an overall length of 90.2 inches, an overall width of 35.2 inches, and an overall height of 61.4 inches. The ground clearance for the bike is 6.3 inches and the seat has a height of 30.7 inches. The KZ1000 has an overall dry weight of 595 pounds and a wheelbase of 60.4 inches.

Technical Specifications

The KZ1000 has a heavy-duty double cradle frame. The front brakes use dual hydraulic discs while the rear brakes uses a single hydraulic disc. The bike's rake is 27 degrees and its tail is 4.5 inches. The front suspension uses a 1.5-inch telescopic hydraulic fork and the rear suspension uses a swingarm with twin adjustable shocks.

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