366 Gas Big Block Specifications

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The 366 big block is one of Chevrolet's big block engines. The big block Chevrolet (BBC) was mainly used on school buses and medium-duty pickup trucks. Chevrolet ended production of the 366 BBC in the 1990s. The GMC Silverado 2500 and Sierra 3500 are two examples of pickup trucks that used the 366 BBC.

General Specifications

The 366 BBC is a cast-iron block with aluminum cylinder heads. The engine has a maximum towing capacity of 10,500 pounds. The maximum GCWR, which refers to the maximum total weight the engine can power, is 16,000 pounds.

Engine Dimensions

The V-8 engine has a displacement of 6.0-liters, or 366 cubic inches. The engine's pistons have a compression ratio of 9.4-to-1, and the bore and stroke are 4.0 inches and 3.62 inches, respectively. The overhead valve system uses eight cylinders with aluminum heads. There are two valves per cylinder for a total of 16 valves.


The 366 BBC has been noted for producing a large amount of power without having to reach a high rpm. It has a peak horsepower of 300 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and a peak torque of 360 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm.

Fuel Specs

The 366 Chevy Big Block engine uses unleaded regular fuel. Fuel is delivered to the engine with a sequential multi-port fuel system.

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