MF 200 Dozer Specifications

by Michael Gunderson

Massey Ferguson was established in 1847 as a farm machine workshop by inventor Daniel Massey. Daniel Massey later merged with a foundry owner in the late 1800s to manufacture farm equipment. Over 50 years later they collaborated with engineer Harry Ferguson and became the first to manufacture tractors with a three-point hitch. The Massey Ferguson company was purchased by AGCO Corporation in 1995. AGCO Corporation manufactures heavy equipment which is sold under four brands: Challenger, Fendt, Valtra and Massey Ferguson.

Engine and Fuel

The 1975 Massey Ferguson 200 bulldozer has a Perkins 44 to 50 horsepower engine with three cylinders. Perkins manufactures diesel and gas engines that range from 5 to 2,600 horsepower for major equipment in agricultural and industrial markets. The engine runs on diesel fuel.


The Massey Ferguson 200 bulldozer was rated as a small machine during the time it was manufactured. It weighs less than 10,000 lbs.

Blade and Bucket

The bulldozer is equipped with a 6.5-foot six-way blade. Six-way blades tilt to the left and right (in addition to up, down, left and right angles). Some models are equipped with a 3/4 cubic yard 4-in-1 bucket. Four-in-one buckets are used for their ability to perform several jobs, such as pulling up and crushing materials, as well as grading soil.

Shuttle Shift Transmission

The Massey Ferguson 200 bulldozer has a shuttle shift transmission. These types of transmissions are used on tractors because they allow the machine to change directions without the operator shifting gears or stopping. Shuttle shift transmissions also allow the machine to run at similar speeds whether moving in forward or reverse.

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