The History of the Yamaha 350 Warrior

by Tim McQuadeUpdated October 25, 2017
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When it was first produced, the Yamaha 350 Warrior set the bar for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The Warrior ATV was in production for 17 years and received praise for its efficient, fun and user-friendly design.


In 1987, Yamaha introduced the 350 Warrior. In 2004, that model was discontinued, and Yamaha introduced the 350 Raptor ATV in order to improve the sport performance of the line.


The Warrior was equipped for strong, midrange pulling capabilities and was fitted with a snorkel to allow it to travel through water and mud. Its basic design, however, stayed relatively untouched: a six-speed transmission with a 350 cc, four-stroke engine, hydraulic disc brakes and long travel suspension.

Fun Fact

In 1987, when the Warrior was introduced, it was the first-ever electric-start ATV. Over the years, the Warrior developed a cultlike following as it became the world’s all-time top-selling sport ATV.

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