Bobcat 742 Specifications

by Solomon PoretskyUpdated December 27, 2018
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The Bobcat 742 is a gasoline powered small skid steer loader that was available from 1981 to 1990; a replacement 742B model was released by Bobcat in 1991. It came with a front bucket, although a number of other attachments fit the 742, including forks for use with shipping pallets, augers and brush cutters.


The Bobcat 742 featured a liquid cooled gasoline engine made by Ford. It had four cylinders and a 1.6 liter displacement, and generated 34 horsepower, according to Bobcat's specifications.


Measuring 121.4 inches long, the Bobcat 742 rode on an extremely short 35.4 inch wheelbase. It was 55.1 inches wide and 75.8 inches high, and its bucket's hinge pin sat 109 inches off of the ground. Bobcat rated its operating weight to be 4730 pounds.


An auxiliary hydraulic system was included as a standard feature on the 742. It had a pump which could generate up to 11 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to help lift and drop the Bobcat's bucket and other attachments.


Rated to operate with a load of up to 1300 pounds, the Bobcat 741's bucket did not reach a tipping load until it was filled with 2600 pounds of material. The standard bucket was 54 inches wide and had a 9.6 cubic ft capacity. When extended to its maximum height, it had 21.8 inches of reach.

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