Bobcat 743 Specifications

by Jay LeoneUpdated March 13, 2018
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The Bobcat 743 is a skid steer loader that was manufactured in 1981. Loaders are generally used to load trucks or transport materials throughout a work site, and the Bobcat's compact size makes is well suited for small-scale jobs, such as road clearing, brush and snow removal and landscaping. As with all skid steer machines, the wheels on the left side of this loader are operated independently of the right wheels, which makes the machine capable of negotiating steep inclines and rocky, irregular terrain.


The Bobcat 743 loader uses a Kubota V1702 engine. This liquid-cooled, four-cylinder diesel engine produces 36 horsepower, according to the manufacturer. The engine displacement is 105.7 cubic inches.


This skid steer loader is 120.4 inches long, 55.1 inches wide and 75.8 inches tall. It has a wheelbase of 35.4 inches. The bucket reach at maximum height is 21.8 inches, or a little less than 2 feet, which makes the Bobcat 743 unsuitable for loading trucks. It is better adapted for moving earth, snow or brush from one place to another. The bucket can handle a load of 9.6 cubic feet.


A new Bobcat 743 came equipped with an adjustable bucket seat and seat belts. Because the machine was designed to be used on uneven terrain and steep inclines, it also included a seat bar that could be lowered to the operator's waist for extra extra protection. The operator's cabin is enclosed with heavy metal mesh which protects the operator from tree branches while still affording 360-degree visibility.

The dash panel includes a warning light for both the engine and transmission to alert the operator of the need for maintenance. In addition to the voltmeter to gauge the condition of the battery and a fuel gauge, the dashboard also features an hourmeter that measures the total number of hours the machine has been in operation.


The Bobcat 743 is equipped with a quick hitch that accommodates a number of attachments to give the machine more functionality. In addition to a standard loading bucket, the operator can also one of use the following attachments, which are available separately:

  • A grapple bucket
  • A harley rake
  • A 4-in-1 bucket
  • A trencher
  • A hydraulic auger
  • A pallet fork
  • A sweeper
  • A brush cutter
  • A stump grinder 
  • A dozer blade

The machine should be parked on level ground before exchanging attachments.

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