Fiat Allis Specifications

by Steve Johnson
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The Fiat Allis Company was a joint venture in 1974 between Fiat from Italy and the Allis Chalmers Company of the US. Fiat Allis is known for its line of tracked loaders, bulldozers, crawler tractors, excavators, loaders, graders, backhoe loaders, and pipelayers. In 1986, the company was awarded an $8 million contract by the U.S. for 133 construction tractors. In 2005, Fiat Allis came under the New Holland Construction umbrella of companies along with Fiat-Kobelco, O&K, and New Holland.

Fiat Allis 16B Crawler Dozer

The 16B Crawler Dozer is powered by a 195HP D-7 engine and weighs approximately 50,000 pounds. Its design was based on the Allis Chalmers HD16 dozer and is best utilized for light road building. This crawler dozer can be converted into a towing machine by attaching a Hyster W8K powershift with a Young integral arch. It can also be used as a winch machine, as well as to pull stump roots through the use of its single-shank two-barrel ripper. Although out-sized by the much larger Fiat Allis 31 dozer, the 16B can still be relied upon for rock-ripping and road-building.

Fiat Allis 31 Dozer

The Fiat Allis 31 is a large 70-ton dozer powered by a 425HP Cummins KT1150 engine. It features an 18-foot wide blade, which can be dismantled to haul the Fiat Allis 31 easier. As large as it is, the 31 is actually a smaller version of the Fiat Allis 41. Although scaled down with narrower track pads and a smaller engine, the 31 is more reliable because its component parts such as the drive train, final drives, and undercarriages were originally meant for a larger and more powerful dozer.

Fiat Allis 745C Loader

The 745C Loader is a medium-sized loader that has a four-yard capacity. It is capable of loading haul trucks such as the Payhauler and M123A1C in about three to five scoops. With an extra counterweight and a third spool for the hydraulics, the 745C Loader can also be used for piling work through the use of pole forks and bucked poles. Also, it can be equipped with larger tires (26.5x25), instead of the standard set (23.5x25). Compared to an excavator, front-end loaders such as the 745C can load materials and transport them for short distances.

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