1986 Chevy C30 General Specs

by Kevin Carr
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For decades, Chevrolet manufactured various models of pickup trucks. In the 1980s, the smaller two-wheel drive trucks were practical and commonly seen vehicles. Chevrolet manufactured these C30 series of pickup trucks with a regular cab and an extended crew cab.


The 1986 C30 truck was available with a straight-line six cylinder engine (L6) or a V-8. The L6 engine was 4.8 liters, while the V-8 came in three different sizes: 5.7 liters, 6.2 liters and 7.4 liters. These engine sizes were the same for both the regular cab pickup and the crew cab pickup.


Both the crew cab and regular cab C30 pickup trucks were available with either a manual or an automatic transmission. The manual transmission offered either three or four speeds.


The "C" in the Chevrolet truck line denoted two-wheel drive, while K-series trucks were four-wheel drive. All C30 models were manufactured with rear-wheel drivetrains.

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