Ford 3930 Tractor Specifications

by Chelsea Oliver
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The 3930 is an agricultural or farm tractor model produced by Ford. Alongside producing tractor models since the early twentieth century, Ford also manufactures vehicles such as cars, trucks and crossovers. The 3930 was manufactured for 12 years, from the production year 1990 until 2002. It was priced at $22,000 after nine years of production, according to Tractor Data.


The engine of the Ford 3930 is diesel, with three cylinders, a displacement of 3.1 L and produces 50 horsepower. This engine is liquid-cooled with a coolant capacity of 11 quarts and has a 112 by 107-mm bore and stroke. This model also has the option of a slightly more powerful engine. This optional engine is also a three-cylinder diesel, produces 51 horsepower, has a 3.3 L displacement and a 112 by 112-mm bore and stroke.

Transmission and Capacities

The Ford 3930 has two transmission options. The first has eight forward and two reverse gears and the second has 16 forward and eight reverse gears. The fuel capacity is 17.3 gallons and the hydraulic system capacity is 12.8 gallons.

Dimensions, Hydraulics and Chassis

This tractor has 6.00-16 front tires and 13.6-28 rear tires. It weighs 5,160 lbs. and has an 84.5-inch wheelbase. The hydraulic system is open with optional valves and an 8 gpm valve flow. It has a two-wheel drive chassis with the option of four-wheel drive.

Power and Hitch Type

The Ford 3930 has a 540 rpm, independent rear power take-off. As confirmed by the OCED Tractor Tests 1701, 1702, 1644 and 1341, the tested drawbar horsepower is 38.2 and the tested PTO horsepower is 46.2. It has a rear, type one three-point hitch with 3,080 lbs. of rear lift.

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