Cushman Truckster Specs

by Gus Stephens

The Cushman Turf Truckster is a heavy-duty, industrial utility vehicle designed for use in outdoor commercial applications, such as golf courses, municipal parks and recreation departments and theme parks. These are two-seat, gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles with hauling capacities and towing capability that exceed standard battery-powered utility carts. The two-speed transaxle doubles the gear selections, adding four additional lower gears for traversing inclines or rough terrain. A ground speed governor maintains precise speed for mobile applications such as spraying and fertilizing. Power for tools and aftermarket implements is available from auxiliary hydraulic connections and a four-post rollover protection system provides operator safety.


The gasoline model is powered by a three-cylinder, four-cycle Suzuki 660. The engine is electronic fuel injected and develops 32 horsepower at 4,450 rpm. A Perkins 403C-11 engine powers the diesel model and develops 26.1 horsepower at 3,000 rpm.


In the manual models, a four-speed or five-speed transmission is available with a low-low, "creeper" first gear. An optional automatic transmission provides three forward speeds and reverse. The rear axle in the gas models is a 14.21:1 two-speed transaxle. The diesel model has a 11.16:1 two-speed transaxle.

Payload Capacity

The total hauling capacity of 2,850 pounds includes 200 pounds each for operator and passenger. Load is contained in a 60-inch, rear-mounted box with tailgate and a front, under-hood storage area.


A 6.8-gallon, full-flow hydraulic system is standard and includes a lift cylinder and controls for hydraulic attachments. An optional heavy-duty hydraulic power take-off system is available to power implements.


The overall height of the Cushman Turf Truckster is 50.5 inches. It is 114.2 inches long and 63.5 inches wide. The wheelbase is 88.2 inches and ground clearance is 7.5 inches. The diesel Turf Truckster weighs 1,619 pounds. The gasoline, manual transmission Turf Truckster weighs 1,572 pounds and the automatic transmission model weighs 1,619 pounds.

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