Specifications for a 2500 International Backhoe

by Toby Welch

The International Harvester 2500 Contructall was a backhoe-style loader tractor produced from 1967 to 1970. Manufactured by International Harvester, the tractor was available in four-cylinder diesel or gasoline models.

Two Models

The 2500 Contructall was available in two different models: the D-188 diesel version and the C-153 gasoline model. Both had five forward gears and one reverse gear.

Engine Specs

Both 2500 engines were rated 2,200 rpm, 58 hp and had liquid cooling. The diesel model had glow plugs, 188 cubic inch displacement and a bore and stroke measurement of 3.6875 by 4.39 inches. The gasoline engine had a 152 cubic inch displacement, a bore and stroke ratio 3.375 by 4.25 inches and a compression measurement of 7.5:1.

Tractor Dimensions

The gasoline 2500 weighed 9,760 pounds and the diesel model was 9,910 pounds. The front axle load was 6,400 pounds and the rear was 9,000 pounds. The hood height was 61 inches and the height of the backhoe transport was 141 inches. The front tread measured 52 inches and the rear was 60 to 64 inches.

Backhoe and Loader Specs

The backhoe had a dig depth of 165 inches and a dump angle of 41.5 inches.

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