Specs for a SL 900 Polaris Watercraft

by Julia Salgado

Polaris began as a snowmobile company in 1954, before eventually branching out to ATVs, motorcycles and watercraft. The SL900 was produced in the mid-90s but is now out of production.

Engine Specs

The Polaris SL900 was powered by a single engine with a displacement of 45.77 cubic inches. The engine of the 1996 model produced 100 horsepower, increasing to 110 hp for the 1997 version. Gasoline fueled both engines.


The 1997 SL900 was 9 feet long and 4 feet wide at its widest point, known as the beam of the craft.


The 1996 SL900 carried a suggested list price of $7,149 when first produced. The price of the SL900 was reduced to $7,099 for the 1997 model. Both craft had a net weight of 520 lbs.

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