1997 Polaris Ultra SPX Specs

by Steve Johnson

The Polaris 1997 Ultra SPX was produced as a high-end snowmobile manufactured during the 1990s. Its predecessor, the '96 Ultra SP, was considered by snowmobile enthusiasts as one of the heaviest models that Polaris made. The company responded to this criticism by producing the Ultra SPX, which was still a moderately heavy vehicle but came equipped with an improved power train.

Power Train

The '97 Polaris Ultra SPX comes standard with a 679cc liquid-cooled engine with Case Reed intake valves and a 3-VM38AL carburetion system. The Ultra SPX also features an exhaust system with a “tuned triple pipe.” This triple system means that the engine is equipped with three different carburetors, each of which has three different exhaust pipes that give the engine a better fuel-to-air ratio. Power train options include both a reverse and an electric start.

Dimensions and Physical Specs

The 1997 Polaris Ultra SPX has a dry weight of 560 pounds, a height of 44 inches, a width of 46.5 inches and a ski center of 41 inches. Its tank can hold a total of 10.7 gallons of gas. The snowmobile comes in standard black with purple and orange decals. The vehicle rides on steel skis and is equipped with halogen headlights for nighttime operation.

Suspension and Brakes

The Ultra SPX comes standard with a threaded adjustable Fox Gas front suspension and a standard Fox Gas suspension at the rear. The front suspension travel is 9.5 inches, and its rear suspension travel is 10.2 inches. The snowmobile’s track width comes in at 15 x 121, meaning the total width of the track is 15 inches, and the length stretches out to 121 inches. The snowmobile is equipped with a liquid-cooled hydraulic brake system and a torsion bar suspension system for better riding control and handling.


The Polaris Ultra SPX's instrumentation panel comes standard with a speedometer, a tachometer and hand and thumb warmers to ensure that even in cold weather, the driver can operate the vehicle effectively. A front bumper comes standard on the snowmobile while a skid plate, mirrors and storage rack are optional accessories.

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