1996 Polaris Xlt Specifications

by Michael Scarn
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Based in Minnesota, Polaris has been building snowmobiles since 1954. The company has expanded into manufacturing ATVs, personal watercraft and motorcycles. Polaris currently has more than $1 billion in sales worldwide with manufacturing and distribution plants all across the world. The 1996 XLT was built in several models, including the Indy XLT Special.

Weight and Dimensions

The XLT has a dry weight of 494 lbs. It is 43 inches tall, 106.25 inches long and 49 inches wide. The XLT also has a ski center of 43.5 inches. The ski tracks are 15 inches wide by 121 inches long.

Fuel, Engine and Brakes

The XLT can hold up to 10.7 gallons of fuel. It comes equipped with a 597 liquid cooled triple engine. The engine has a bore and stroke of 65 mm and 60 mm and has a 3-VM34SS slide carburetor. The snowmobile has hydraulic disc brakes.

Shocks and Suspension

The XLT has fox gas shocks in both the front and rear. The front suspension travels 10 inches while the rear travels up to 13.1 inches.

Standard and Optional Features

The 1996 XLT comes standard with such features as hand warmers, thumb warmers, a speedometer, tachometer, hi beam lights, low oil indicator, high temperature indicator, adjustable steering bars and a front bumper. Optional features on the XLT include electric starting, reverse transmission, electric fuel indicator, mirrors, a tow hitch, skid plate, back rest, storage rack and an EZ Throttle system.

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