Ford Backhoe 455 Specs

by Dora Diamond

Ford Motor Company manufactures a variety of cars, trucks, sport utility and commercial vehicles. The Ford 455 Backhoe, also known as a tractor loader, may also be identified as a Ford New Holland 455c model.


The Ford 455 has a three-cylinder, diesel engine with natural aspiration. It also generates 55 hp.


The Ford 455 Backhoe weighs approximately 12,650 lbs..


While the front bucket width is 84 inches and the rear bucket is 18 inches, the digging depth of the Ford 455c is 48 inches.

Bar Linkage

With the Ford four-bar linkage attachment, the 445 has a dump clearance of 116.5 inches, dump reach of 24 inches and dump angle of 42 degrees. The breakout, or lift, force reaches 6,800 lbs.. The bucket capacity is .5 cubic yards, while the front bucket width is 84 inches and the rear bucket is 18 inches. Bucket dump time is 1.5 seconds.

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