Ford Short Bed Vs. Long Bed Length

by Editorial Team

Ford makes three styles of truck, the Ranger, F-150, and the Super Duty lines. The Ranger is available in three models, the F-150 in nine models, and the Super Duty in 17 models. The type, model and options of the truck determine whether it is a short bed or long bed.


The Ranger only has the option of a short bed, which is six feet in length.


The Ford F-150 has the option for a bed length of 5 ½ feet, 6 ½ feet, or 8 feet.

Super Duty

The Super Duty models have a short bed length of 6 ¾ feet and a long bed length of 8 feet.

Cab Style

The Ranger comes with the option of a regular cab and super cab . The F-150 and Super Duty both offer the regular cab and super cab. However, the Super Duty also offers a crew cab and the F-150 offers the super crew cab.


The cost of a Ford truck can range on average from $17,180 for a basic Ford Ranger to $63,000 for the Super Duty F-450 Ford Harley-Davidson.

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