S-10 Frame Specs

by Steve Johnson

The S-10 was introduced in the 1980's as one of Chevrolet's contributions to the light pickup truck market. The first generation was produced between 1982 and 1993, while the second generation was produced between 1994 and 2004. In 2005, the S-10 was discontinued in the US and was replaced by the Chevrolet Colorado.

Frame Options

Throughout its two decades of production the S-10 was released in several trims and models. It was available with a regular, extended, and crew cab. A choice of a short and long bed was also available. With all the options available, the S-10's frame dimensions varied, fitting a wide variety of consumer preferences.

Regular Cab

The regular cab version of the S-10 has two doors and is available with either a short or long bed. Its cab size is about 70.8 inches. The short bed's wheelbase is 108.30 inches, while the long bed has a wheelbase of 117.90 inches. Its overall height is 61.30 inches, while its width comes at 64.10 inches. The short cargo bed's overall length is 178.20 inches, while the long cargo bed has 194.20 inches. The short cargo bed has an overall length of 72.40 inches, a width of 54.90 inches, and has a depth of 16.80 inches. The long cargo bed has the same depth and width, but its length is extended to 88.30 inches.

Extended Cab

Later models of the extended cab only come with a short bed. It has three doors, and the cab size has an overall length of 85.5 inches. Its wheelbase is 122.90 inches, and its overall length is 205.30 inches. Its width is 67.90 inches, and the height is 63.40 inches. The cargo bed measures 72.80 inches in length, with an overall width of 54.90 inches and a depth of 16.80 inches.

Crew Cab

The crew cab model comes with four doors and can seat four to five passengers. Like the extended cab model, it has a wheelbase of 122.90 inches, and an overall length of 205.30 inches. Its overall width is 67.90 inches, and its overall height is 63.40 inches. Since the crew cab has four doors, its cargo bed has the smallest size when compared to other cab sizes. Its cargo bed's length comes at 55.30 inches, a width of 54.90 inches, and a depth of 16.80 inches.

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