GMC T7500 Specifications

by Vern Hee
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The General Motors Corporation, GMC, T-7500 has been manufactured and sold by GMC in collaboration with Isuzu since 2006. The T-7500 is classified as a class 6 commercial vehicle, which means it has a gross vehicle weight of 19,000 to 26,000 lbs. The GMC 7500 is grouped with the GMC T-series or medium trucks. GMC designed this truck for delivering goods; it was built to maneuver in tight city streets where there is little room to maneuver with heavy loads.

The Duramax Diesel

Customers have output ratings to choose from between 200 and 300 horsepower. The engine displaces 475.9 cubic inches and has 7.8 liters and an overhead cam layout. The 7800 Duramax Isuzu diesel engine has an in-line, six cylinder configuration and has a torque rating of 520 to 860 foot-pounds of torque. The bore and stroke measures 4.53 x 4.92 inches with a compression ratio of 16.0:1. The truck comes available with an Eaton Fuller Manual 6/9 or 10 speed transmission. For those that prefer an automatic, GMC provides the Allison Automatic five speed or the Allison Automatic six speed.

Body Dimensions

The T-7500 is built on a full depth C-channel class 8-design frame. The T-7500 model has a wheel base of 128 to 260 inches. The body has a length of 891.8 inches long and 150.9 inches wide. The medium-duty truck comes equipped with a flat bed with a stake bed. The gross vehicle weight rating is higher than its classification and its gross vehicle weight rating 25,950 to 37,600 lbs. The truck comes with front tapered leaf suspension and multi-leaf in the rear. The front axle has a capacity for 10,000 lbs. and the rear has a capacity of 19,000 lbs. The gas tank has a fuel capacity of carrying 50 gallons of diesel fuel.


The T-7500 features a tilt cab for ease of maintenance. The T-7500 comes with hydraulic disc brakes or air brakes. Anti-lock brake system is standard on all T-series trucks. The owner has an option of getting frames with reinforcement built with fully weldable 80,000 PSI or heat treated 120,000 PSI steels. Air conditioning and power steering come standard.

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