Ford F-700 Chassis Cab Specs

by Manny Jeter

The 1990 Ford F-700 Chassis Cab is a commercial vehicle. The vehicle is often used to tow vehicles, deliver goods and even as a crane operator. The F-700 is mainly used in the construction industry but can also be used for noncommercial purposes.

General Specifications

The Ford F-700 Chassis Cab has a five-speed manual transmission. The car uses spring suspensions to absorb bumps. It is considered a flatbed truck. The F-700 has a double steel frame setup. The truck has hydraulic brakes and power steering.

Truck Dimensions and Capacity

The Ford F-700 Chassis Cab has an overall length of 12.5 feet and an overall height of 96 inches. The truck has a 4.56 rear-end ratio. The truck has a 189-inch wheelbase. The truck has a gross vehicle weight rating of 24,500 lbs. The front access has a towing capacity of 9,000 lbs. and the rear access has a towing capacity of 17,000 lbs.


The Ford F-700 Chassis Cab runs on diesel fuel. The fuel tank has a capacity of 35 gallons. The engine has a displacement of 476 cubic inches, or 7.8 liters. The engine has a peak horsepower of 185.

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