What Are the Specifications for a 2005 Ford E-450?

by Manny Jeter

The 2005 Ford E-450 is an Econoline Van. The E-450, technically a van, is used as and considered to be a box truck by many. The van is manufactured at Ford's Ohio factory in Avon Lake, Ohio. The E-450 comes with a van cab and an open frame for various box configurations, and is mainly used for commercial purposes. For example, plumbing companies and shipping companies could all use this van for business.

General Specifications

The E-450 has a ladder frame type. The E-450 can comfortably fit only two people but it is common to see the van with three people seated in it. The van uses unleaded gasoline and has a fuel tank capacity of 55 gallons.


The E-450 has the 99S V-10 "Triton" engine. The engine has a displacement of 6.8 liters and uses electronic fuel injection. The E-450 has 305 horsepower at 4,250 rpm and 420 pound-feet at 3,250 rpm. The cooling system's capacity is 30.6 quarts.


The E-450 has the 44T five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The E-450 has rear wheel drive and has power steering.

Exterior Dimensions

The E-450 has a wheelbase of 158 inches and a commercially stripped DRW chassis. Its overall length is 258.2 inches. The front overhang measures 29 inches and the rear overhang measures 68.5 inches. The van is 67 inches wide and has a ground clearance of 8 inches. The van has a turning diameter of 54.1 feet curb to curb and 56.7 feet wall to wall.


The E-450 has a front curb weight of 2,257 lbs. and a rear curb weight of 2,304 lbs. The gross axle weight rating for the front axle is 4,600 lbs. The gross vehicle weight rating for the rear is 9450 lbs. The gross axle vehicle weight rating capacity is 14,050 lbs. The gross combined weight rating for the E-450 is 18,500 lbs.

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