94 Silverado 3500 Dually Specs

by Rob Wagner

The 1994 Chevrolet C/K 3500 series dually pickup truck came in standard, extended cab and crew cab configurations. It featured twin-wheels in the rear, hence the moniker “dually.” The Silverado was a top trim model through 1998 in a line that included the Cheyenne and Scottsdale trims. For 2001, Chevrolet abandoned the C/K designation and named all its light-duty trucks Silverado. Its near identical sibling is the GMC Sierra.


The standard power plant in the 1994 Silverado 3500 dually was a 5.7-liter, 16-valve fuel-injected V-8. The engine had a 4-inch bore and 3.48-inch stroke. It developed 190 horsepower and 300 foot-pounds of torque. Buyers could choose from two optional engines. The 6.5-liter turbocharged diesel V-8 had a 4.06-inch bore and 3.82-inch stroke with a Borg-Warner GM-X series turbocharger. It developed 180 horsepower and 360 foot-pounds of torque, but there was a heavy-duty model of this engine that reached 190 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque. The second option was Chevy’s 7.4-liter V-8 that displaced 454 cubic inches with a 4.25-inch bore and 4-inch stroke. It developed 230 horsepower and 385 foot-pounds of torque.


The standard cab version could accommodate three adults. It sat on a 131.5-inch wheelbase and the body measured 212 inches long. The front headroom was 40 inches and front hip room measured 60.5 inches. Legroom in the front was 41.7 inches, while the shoulder room was 66 inches. The crew cab version could seat up to six people. Interior rear crew cab dimensions offered 40.8 inches of headroom and 39.2 inches of legroom. Rear hip room was 59.6 inches and rear shoulder room was 66.1 inches. The front dimensions of the crew cab were virtually the same as the standard cab. The crew cab version sat on a 168.5-inch wheelbase with a body 250.4 inches long. Its width was 76.8 inches and height 71.7 inches. The crew cab version cleared the ground by 7.7 inches. The extended cab version had a 155.5-inch wheelbase and 237-inch body length. With the dually rear wheels, the 3500 measured 94.2 inches wide in the rear.

Weights and Capacities

The 3500 series was the largest model in the light-duty truck category that also featured the 1500 series and 2500 series. The 3500 dually had a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds with a maximum payload of 4,019 pounds. The gross vehicle weight of the standard cab version was 9,000 pounds. Its curbside weight rating was 4,638 pounds. The crew cab model had a 5,176-pound curb weight. The extended cab version tipped the scales at 4,387 pounds, depending on optional equipment and engine. The fuel tank on all versions held 34 gallons.


Standard equipment on the 1994 Silverado 3500 dually included power brakes, tinted glass, 16-inch wheels, five-speed manual transmission, clock and rear-wheel anti-lock braking system, or ABS. It also featured as standard amenities cloth seats, air conditioning, power steering and an AM/FM stereo. Options included a tachometer, bucket seats, tow package, chrome rear bumper, locking differential, two-tone paint scheme, audio system with cassette player, four-speed automatic transmission and cruise control. Also available as options were power windows and door locks, bed liner, sliding rear window and a split front bench seat.

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