Ford 2600 Tractor Specifications

by Marilyn Lindblad

Tractors are the modern workhorse of the family farm. And they're not just for farmers. Homeowners with large lots or acreage use tractors for mowing, tilling, aerating, and spreading fertilizer. Ford produced the Ford 2600 tractor from 1975 to 1981. The tractor was well made, and there are still plenty of used Ford 2600 tractors around today.


Ford made the 2600 tractor with a diesel engine and a gasoline engine. Both engines have three cylinders and are rated at 2000 rpm. Both engines have a 7-quart oil capacity. The transmission has eight forward and two reverse gears. Serial numbers for the 2600 are located on the right side of the tractor behind the starter. The vehicle has two-wheel-drive, power-assist steering with differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes


The Ford 2600 tractor weighs 3,475 pounds with a 75.8-inch wheelbase. The tractor is 52 inches wide, 126.5 inches long, and 79.2 inches tall. Its ground clearance is 12.6 inches. Tire specs are 5.50-7.50 x 16 for the agricultural front tires and two specs for the ag rear tires. Fuel capacity for the gas tank is 13 gallons; the hydraulic system holds 6.15 gallons of fluid.

Gas Consumption/Efficiency

In 1976, the Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln tested the Ford 2600 gas-powered eight-speed engine. The Ford consumed gas at an average rate of 2.169 gallons per hour, with an average 18.17 horsepower. The maximum power available in fourth gear sank from 28.76 horsepower after two hours to 16.78 horsepower with 50 percent of pull at reduced engine speed in fifth gear.

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