1990 Honda Fourtrax Specifications

by Tim McQuade
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The 1990 Honda Fourtrax--officially known as the TRX300 or TRX300FW--was produced by Honda from 1988 through 2000, and in the early years of production it stayed relatively unchanged. This all-terrain vehicle has the design and appearance of a utility ATV, as the carrying racks and heavy weight prevent it from being a sport ATV.

Specifications and Equipment

The 1990 Honda Fourtrax features a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The total displacement is 282 cubic centimeters and the total power output is 20 horsepower. The engine is air-cooled and has a single-carburetor fuel system. The TRX300 is a 2x4 while the TRX300FW is a full-time, four-wheel-drive ATV. The front suspension is a double wishbone design, while the rear suspension is a swing-arm, single shock absorber. The drivetrain is shaft-driven. The transmission is a a five-speed manual that has an automatic clutch.


The overall length is 74.6 inches, overall width is 42 inches and overall height is 43.3 inches. The wheelbase measures 48.6 inches and the seat height is 31.5 inches. The foot peg height is 12.4 inches while total ground clearance is 6.3 inches. Total front and rear suspension travel is 5.1 inches. The dry weight is 474 lb and the trailer towing capacity is 850 lb. Front rack carrying capacity is 66 lb and the rear rack capacity is 132 lb. The fuel tank holds 2.4 gallons, plus a 0.7 gallon reserve tank. Engine oil capacity is 2.6 qt and front gear case oil capacity is 6.8 oz. The differential and final drive oil capacities are both 3.4 oz.


The 1990 Fourtrax has a limited slip front differential. Mounted on the rear axle is a trailer hitch. A backup kick-starter can be found underneath the right side-panel and a compression release lever can be found on the right-hand front side of the engine. Other features include a parking brake, reverse button, engine kill switch, rear taillight/brake light, starter button and auxiliary 12-volt hookup. The instrument panel features a reverse indication light, a neutral indication light and oil temperature warning light.

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