Specifications for the Detroit Diesel 353

by Tim McQuade
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The 3-53, or 353, is a high-powered diesel engine manufactured by Detroit Diesel Engines. The "3" signifies the number of cylinders in the engine, and the lack of a "V" following the "3" signifies the inline layout of the cylinders. As part of the 53 series, Detroit Diesel also made a 4-53 and a 6V-53. The four-cylinder was also in line and produced 140 horsepower. The six-cylinder was a "V" design and produced 216 horsepower.


The 3-53 is a two-cycle engine. The bore by stroke is 3.875 by 4.5 inches, or 98 mm by 114 mm. The total displacement is 159 cubic inches, or 2.61 liters. The compressions ratio is 21:1. The engine produces 101 horsepower at 2,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 205 ft-lbs at 1,800 rpm. Continuous gross power produced is 70 horsepower at 2,400 rpm.

Dimensions and Model

Total length of the engine is 33 inches, total width is 27 inches and total height is 35 inches. The net dry weight is 965 pounds. The model number for this engine is 5033-7000.

Standard Equipment

The 3-53 features a 12 V, 42 amp alternator. The engine also has a crankshaft pulley and an exhaust manifold. The fan is a 22-inch, five-blade design. The flywheel and flywheel housing is SAE No. 4. The fuel filter system features a variable speed, throttle controlled governor as well as a cam operator, unit type, clean tip injector. The lube oil cooler system features a full flow lube oil filter and a 10 degree inclined oil pan. The starting motor uses a 12 V system.

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