Cat 3196B Engine Specs

by Tim McQuade
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The 3196 is an engine produced by Caterpillar. The diesel engine can be used in a variety of vehicles, but the 3196B is primarily used as a boat engine. The engine was first produced and released by Caterpillar in 1999. The engine meets the International Maritime Organization diesel engine emissions requirements.


The 3196B is an inline, six-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The total piston displacement is 12 liters, or 732 cubic inches. The total bore by stroke is 5.1 by 5.9 inches, or 130 mm by 150 mm. Maximum horsepower output is 660 at 2,300 rpm while max torque output is 2,165 foot pounds at 1,600 rpm. The engine is also available in a few lower max horsepower outputs: 340 at 1,800 rpm with torque at 1,300 at 1,400 rpm, 490 at 2,300 rpm, with torque at 1,800 at 1,400 rpm and 570 horsepower at 2,000 rpm with max torque at 2,100 foot pounds at 1,400 rpm.


Overall length is 74 inches, or 1,875 mm; overall height is 40 inches, or 1,000 mm; overall width is 38 inches, or 968 mm. The customer mounting hole diameter is 1 inch, or 24 mm. The engine weighs 2,600 lbs., or 1,178 kg. The cooling system holds a total of 12 gallons while the lube oil system holds 7.5 gallons upon refill. The oil change interval is approximately 250 hours. The engine rotation from the flywheel end runs in a counterclockwise direction.

Features and Equipment

The aspiration system uses a turbocharged-aftercooled design while the engine governor is electronic. Standard equipment features a cooling system with a self-priming sea water pump featuring a rubber impeller, gear-driven jacket water pump, expansion tank with a heat exchanger and thermostat with a 198 degree F full open temperature. The exhaust system features a water-cooled manifold and turbocharger with a 6-inch round flanged outlet. The flywheel has an SAE No.1 rating with 113 teeth. The engine also features a vibration damper and guard and is painted a Caterpillar yellow. Available accessory equipment is a cruise kit, fuel cooler, engine vision display system, engine-to-engine wiring harness, electric starting motor, engine monitoring system, digital tachometer, crankshaft pulley, transmission cooler, Chrome conversion kit, spare parts kit, throttle position sensor, low profile air inlet line and shield as well as non-self-priming sea water pump.

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