The Engine Specifications of a Detroit 6-53 N

by Tim McQuade

The 6-53N is a heavy-duty diesel engine manufactured by Detroit Diesel. The 6-53 is a versatile engine that has been used in a variety of vehicles and conditions. This engine can be found in trucks, construction equipment, buses, emergency vehicles and boats. The Detroit Diesel is also found in many military vehicles.


The 6-53N is a six-cylinder engine with a total piston displacement of 318 cubic inches, or 5.2 liters. The bore 3.875 inches and the stroke is 4.5 inches and the engine has a compression ratio of 17:1. The engine is a two cycle-Vee. Depending upon its application, the engine has a total horsepower output of 215 to 400 at 2,800 rpm. The peak torque is 836 ft-lbs at 1,750 rpm.


The total length of the engine is 39 inches, the total width is 40 inches and the total height is 37 inches. The total weight is 1,485 pounds. Detroit 6-53N engines designed for military application have slightly different dimensions, with a total length of 39 inches, a total width is 40 inches, a total height of 43 inches an a total weight of 1,590 pounds.


The engine is after-cooled and inter-cooled. The block is made of cast iron and the engine features high tech insulation exhaust wrap. Some versions of the engine feature an electronic control module that helps regulate engine performance based upon performance characteristics and statistics. A Glow Plugs Cold Start System assists with cold starting.

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