CVO 110 Engine Specs

by A.J. Andrews

The Screamin' Eagle 110 V-Twin engine is a high-torque motor used to power the Harley Davidson custom vehicle operations (CVO) Softail convertible and Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Harley produced the 2010 and 2011 CVO Electra Glide and Softail as limited-edition models, limiting the Ultra Classic's production to 999 units.


The 110 generates 115 foot-pounds of torque and displaces 1,802.6 cc of volume during a combustion cycle. It has compression ratio of 9.151:1 and an overhead valve configuration.


The Screamin' Eagle has a cylinder diameter of 4 inches, and its pistons move 4.38 inches each way between bottom dead center and top dead center. The four-stroke motor has four valves with two valves per cylinder.

Other Information

The 110 has a digitally encoded security system (DESS) engine immobilizer, which prevents it from starting, via microchip, unless the correct key is used. It uses an air-based cooling system and an electronic fuel injection system.

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