Honda 2.3L VTEC Specifications

by Justin Cupler
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The 2.3-liter VTEC engine was only used in the sixth-generation Honda Accords from 1998 through 2002. This engine was an optional engine as an upgrade from the 2.3- liter non-VTEC Accord DX. This engine was only available in the EX and LX trims and produced significantly more power than the non-VTEC models. These engines remained completely unchanged through the five production years


The VTEC designation on this engine means that it has Honda's signature variable-valve-timing. This feature is designed to maximize horsepower at high revolutions-per-minute. The 2.3-liter VTEC produced 150 horsepower at 5,700 rpm.


As with the horsepower, the VTEC system makes maximum torque at a higher-than-usual rpm. The peak torque is 152 foot-pounds at 4,900 rpm.


The 2.3-liter VTEC was an inline, four-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder, making a total of 16 valves. It also had a single-overhead-cam configuration, meaning it had a single camshaft on the top of the cylinder head.


This engine had a bore -- cylinder width -- of 3.39 inches and a stroke -- piston travel inside of the cylinder -- of 3.82 inches. The compression ratio was rated at 9.3:1, and it had a displacement of 2,254 cubic-centimeters.


Getting maximum fuel economy is one of the advantages of the VTEC engines. The 2.3-liter VTEC got 25 to 26 mpg in the city and 31 to 32 mpg on the highway, depending on the year selected.

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