5.7 HEMI Bolt Torque Specs

by John Stevens J.D.
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After a 32-year absence, Chrysler made the HEMI engine available again during the 2003 production year. The engine , however, was reduced from the 7.0-liter monster of the 1960s and early-1970s to 5.7 liters. The engine was originally used only in Dodge’s pickup truck line, but it was quickly adapted for use in a number of passenger vehicles and SUVs. As with all engines, the 5.7-liter HEMI’s bolt torque specifications must be followed closely.

Exhaust Manifold

Tighten the exhaust manifold bolts to 18 foot-pounds of torque, and the manifold’s head shield nuts to 11 foot-pounds.

Camshaft Thrust Plate

Tighten the camshaft thrust plate bolts to 21 foot-pounds.

Crankshaft Damper Bolt

Tighten the crankshaft damper bolt to 130 foot-pounds.

Radiator Shroud

Tighten the radiator shroud’s fasteners to 95 inch-pounds.

Cylinder Heads

Note that the cylinder heads feature 12-mm bolts and 8-mm bolts. Both bolt types must be tightened in three intervals. First, tighten the 12-mm bolts to 25 foot-pounds, then tighten the 8-mm bolts to 15 foot-pounds. Second, tighten the 12-mm bolts to 40 foot-pounds, then tighten the 8-mm bolts to 15 foot-pounds again if they have loosened. Finally, tighten the 12-mm bolts an additional 90 degrees, then tighten the 8-mm bolts to 25 foot-pounds.


Tighten the flywheel bolts to 70 foot-pounds.

Crankshaft Pulley

Tighten the crankshaft pulley bolts to 92 foot-pounds.

Timing Chain Cover

Tighten the timing chain cover bolts to 21 foot-pounds.

Intake Manifold

Tighten the intake manifold bolts to 105 inch-pounds.

Oil Pan

Tighten the oil pan bolts to 105 inch-pounds.

Valve Cover

Tighten the valve cover bolts to 105 inch-pounds.

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