The Specifications for a 2001 Yamaha Warrior 350

by Ziggy Thomas
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The 2001 Yamaha Warrior 350 is a sport all-terrain vehicle, ATV. The Warrior was first produced in 1987 and continued to be produced through 2004 when it was discontinued. Yamaha's Warrior model was very popular in the four-wheeling world and was replaced with the Raptor model. The specifications of the Warrior model will help identify its strengths and weaknesses.


The 2001 of the Warrior ATV model featured an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-overhead camshaft engine. It displaces 348-cubic centimeters. The bore and stroke are 3.27 and 2.54 inches. The compression ratio is 9.2:1. The Warrior offers a wet sump lubrication system, two-wheel drive and an electric starter with recoil backup.


The 2001 Warrior 350's dry weight is 397 lbs. The length is 72.4 inches, height and width are both 42.5 inches. The seat height is lower at 30.1 inches. Wheelbase measures 47.2 inches. The maximum fuel capacity is 2.4 gallons. The front tires are AT 22 x 7-10 and the rear tires are AT 22 x 10-9.


The 2001 Warrior 350 offers a six-speed, manual clutch transmission with reverse. The front brakes are dual-hydraulic disc brakes while the rear brake is a single-hydraulic disc. The front suspension is a double wishbone with 7.9 inches of travel. The rear suspension is a swing arm with 7.9 inches of travel. It can seat a maximum of two people. Original MSRP of the 2001 Warrior 350 was $4,999.

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