Specifications for the Suzuki GS650

by Michael G. Sanchez
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The GS650 was a street bike produced by Suzuki from 1981 to 1983. It was presented as a versatile, all-purpose bike. Mid-range in size, power and price, it was marketed as a sort of "universal" motorcycle that could serve many different roles. To that end, the GS650 was offered in four distinct versions, each with its own clear focus.

A Suzuki for Every Rider

The four versions of the GS650 were the E, G, GL and G Katana. The E model featured cruiser-like styling and a chain final drive. The G model was similar but used a shaft drive. The GL was tuned for long-distance touring and featured a larger, more comfortable seat. Finally, the G Katana sport bike boasted head-turning styling.

Solid Mid-Range Specs

All versions of the GS650 shared the same 673 cc inline-four. The dual-overhead-cam, air-cooled engine produced 73 horsepower at 9,500 rpm. That was enough power to get the bike up to a respectable top speed of just over 120 mph. The GS650's dimensions varied slightly by model. The E and G versions shared a 56.7-inch wheelbase and a 30.7-inch seat height. The touring-oriented GL had a 57.1-inch wheelbase and a slightly lower 29.1-inch seat height. The sporty Katana G's wheelbase measured 58.1 inches and its seat height was -- like the E and G models -- 30.7 inches.

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