Yamaha Warrior 350 Specs

by Zyon Silket
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The Yamaha Warrior was a popular all-terrain vehicle, or four-wheeler last made in 2004. It was designed to compete with the Honda EX400 and the Suzuki R450. Although the Suzuki had the most horsepower out of the three ATVs, the specs on the Warrior surpassed the Honda EX400 and the Suzuki R450 in many areas.


The engine on the Warrior was a 348 cc, but what makes it stand out from bikes like the R450 is the fact that it is a single overhead cam design whereas the EX400 is a dual overhead cam. SOHC engines do not suffer from cam phasing problemss that can cause costly engine damage. Also, if you plan to modify the engine to add more horsepower, the SOHC engine will cost less and require less in-depth knowledge of advanced engines.


The Warrior was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission whereas its competitors had five-speed manual transmissions. The addition of the sixth speed -- commonly called overdrive -- helps to enhance fuel economy and allows higher speeds than capable with a five-speed transmission.

Ride Height

The seat height, otherwise called the ride height, was 30.1 inches. This was lower than the Suzuki and Honda. This made the vehicle a great choice for younger riders who were ready for an intermediate speed ATV or adults with shorter legs. Being shorter in height complements the slightly less horsepower output.

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