The Specifications of a Honda VTX 1300

by Michael G. Sanchez
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The 2009 Honda VTX 1300 was a large and powerful cruiser. It featured a 1,312 cc V-twin engine and two-into-two, bullet-style mufflers for a low, rumbling exhaust note characteristic of iconic American-style motorcycles. Its long, low stance, bobbed fenders and generous chrome trim gave it a distinctive appearance. The VTX 1300 was available in three trim levels and a variety of colors.

Burly V-Twin Power

The Honda's V-twin had a bore of 3.5 inches and a stroke of 4.1 inches. The liquid-cooled, single-overhead-cam engine's compression ratio was 9.2-to-1. It was a three-valves-per-cylinder design and employed a single 38 mm constant-velocity carburetor. The ignition was a digital setup with three-dimensional mapping and two spark plugs per cylinder. The big V-twin hooked up to a five-speed transmission and a shaft final drive.

Sleek & Aggressive Design

The VTX 1300's wheelbase was 65.5 inches and its seat height was a low 27.4 inches. The entry-level C model weighed in at 678.0 pounds, the mid-range R weighed 710.0 pounds and the range-topping T model tipped the scales at 748.0 pounds. All models came with a 4.80-gallon fuel tank.

The bike's suspension consisted of a 41 mm fork up front and dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustment in the rear. Suspension travel was 5.1 inches in the front and 3.6 inches in the rear. The bike rode on a 140/80-17 front tire and a big 170/80-15 rear tire. Bringing the VTX 1300 to a stop was accomplished by a 336 mm, double-disc brakes up front and a 296 mm, single-disc brake in back.

A VTX that's "Just Right"

The VTX 1300 was available in three versions: C, R and T. The C model was the most basic, stripped-down option. Designed to capture the look of a customized street rod, it featured distinctive cast wheels and relatively small, minimalist front and rear fenders. The R model was a bit more "deluxe." It added chrome sidecovers, special retro-style cast wheels, valanced front and rear fenders, a wider fuel tank with tank-mounted instruments, a chrome-finished headlight, floorboards and swept-back handlebars. Finally, the range-topping T model was inspired by touring bikes. It added a windscreen, leather saddlebags, a chrome-trimmed passenger backrest and a "Touring" badge on the front fender.

Cost & Colors

The 2009 VTX 1300C started at $9,899, the R model at $9,999 and the T version at $11,299. The C was offered in Dark Blue Metallic, Metallic Red, Black and Titanium. The R could be had in Silver Metallic, Metallic Black and Bright Blue Metallic. Finally, the touring-style T model was available in Black, Titanium and Dark Red Metallic.

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