Specifications of the Yamaha TTR 250

by Brianna CollinsUpdated July 05, 2023
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Manufacturing motorcycles since 1955, Yamaha had decades of experience when it released the TT-R250 dirt bike in 2000. Lasting until 2006, Yamaha designed the bike to be particularly reliable and long-lived despite rough riding on motocross tracks. In its final year, the bike TT-R250 retailed for $4,499 and had blue paint with a white trim.


The TT-R250 came equipped with a four-stroke, forward-inclined, single-cylinder engine with a double overhead camshaft configuration. The engine had a displacement of 249 cc, 15.19 inches cubed, a bore and stroke of 2.87 by 2.35 inches and a compression ratio of 10.20 to 1. Yamaha recommended that only unleaded gasoline be used as the primary fuel source.

Bore Definition

The bore is the inner diameter of a cylinder in an engine.


Equipped with an electric starting system and a wet sump lubricator, the TT-R250 also featured a Teikei Y30P carburetor and NGK CR9E spark plugs. The bike featured a wet, multiple-disc clutch and a constant-mesh, six-speed transmission with spur gear primary reduction system and a chain drive secondary system.

Chassis and Suspension

Built on a semi-double cradle frame, the TT-R250 had a caster angle of 26 degrees and a trail of 4.25 inches. In front, a telescopic fork suspension and coil-air spring/oil damper shock absorber protected bike and driver, with 11.02 inches of wheel travel. The rear came equipped with a swing-arm suspension and coil-spring/gas-oil damper shock absorber. It also had a wheel travel of 11.02 inches.

Brakes and Tires

Single disk brakes came equipped in both the front and the rear, operated in front by the driver's right hand and in back by her right foot. Recommended brake fluid for both was DOT 4. The TT-R250 came with tube tires, size 80/100-21 51 M in front and 100/1000-18 59 M in back. Rim size was 21 by 1.60 inches in front and 18 by 2.15 inches in the rear.


Weighing in at 273 lbs., with fuel, the TT-R250 measured 82.5 inches in length, 32.9 in width and 49.6 inches in height. The seat was 36.0 inches high, the wheelbase measured 55.3 and the minimum distance needed to turn was 86.6 inches. A large ground clearance of 12.01 helped the bike traverse rough tracks and trails. Additionally, the TT-R250 had a fuel tank capacity of 2.51 gallons and a reserve capacity of .53.

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