Yamaha Vmax 600 Specifications

by Brianna Collins
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Yamaha knows fast, anytime, anywhere on Earth. Having made its name in sport bikes, off-road dirt bikes and ATVs, Yamaha had long since proved that could make anything with a seat and handlebars run with the best in the world. When it introduced the V600 snowmobile, Yamaha proved to its faithful that they didn't have to forsake intense performance just because the planet decided to tilt the wrong way. It's not as though the Earth had ever stopped Yamaha before.


Weighing 505 pounds, the Vmax measured 109.4 inches in length, 47.2 inches in width, and 48.4 inches in height. It had a gas tank capacity of 12 gallons and an oil tank capacity of 3.2 quarts. The snowmobile track measured 121 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 1 inch in height.


All Vmax models featured a 593 cc engine, which Yamaha rounded up to "600" for the bike's name. This three-cylinder, two-stroke engine had a bore and stroke of 2.56 by 2.35 inches and a displacement of 36.19 cubic inches.


The 593 cc engine equipped on all Vmax models had a Mikuni TM31, three-carburetor system and a digital capacitive discharge ignition. Other systems included a variable ratio transmission with reverse capabilities, a single-pipe exhaust, a YVXC clutch, and a liquid cooling system.

Brakes and Suspension

The Vmax 600 featured a hydraulic ventilated disc brake with an adjustable lever. An independent trailing-arm suspension system came in the front, with 9 inches of travel. In the back, a Proaction Plus suspension system with 11.5 inches of travel came standard.

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