Cub Lo-Boy 154 Engine Specs

by Chelsea Oliver
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In 1902, the Deering Harvester Company and the McCormick Harvesting Machine company merged to form the International Harvester Company. This company began producing tractors, and continued to do so until 1985, when it joined forces with the J. I. Case Company to create Case IH. The International Harvester Company's Cub Lo-Boy models were produced between 1955 and 1980. The Lo-Boy, while similar to the Cub, is approximately 8 inches shorter due to shorter front end spindles and a rotated final drive.

Cub Lo-Boy 154 Engine Specifications

Produced between 1968 and 1974, International Harvester's Cub Lo-Boy 154 tractor has a C60 model gasoline engine. This engine has four cylinders, 2,200 rated rpm and a 7.5-to-1 compression ratio. The displacement is 1 liter and the bore and stroke is 67 by 70 mm. It is liquid cooled with a 9.2-liter coolant capacity, 2.8-liter oil capacity and 0.023-inch spark plug gap. The intake valve and exhaust valve clearances are both 0.013 inches cold.

Additional Cub Lo-Boy 154 Specifications

The Cub Lo-Boy 154 has a transmission with three forward gears and one reverse gear. It weighs 1,480 lbs. and has a 64-inch wheelbase, 94-inch length, 52-inch width and 49-inch height. It has 13 inches of ground clearance, 4.00-12 front tires and 8.3-24 rear tires. This model has a two-wheel-drive chassis, a rear, type 1 three-point hitch and an 8-gallon fuel capacity. The electrical ground is negative and it has 15 generator charging amps.

Additional Model Specifications

International Harvester also manufactures the Cub Lo-Boy, Cub 184 Lo-Boy and Cub 185 Lo-Boy. The first was produced from 1955 to 1968, the second from 1977 to 1980 and the third from 1974 to 1976. Despite being manufactured at different times, these Cub Lo-Boy tractors share the same engine as the Cub 154 Lo-Boy, the International Harvester C60 model.

The other specifications for these models are also very similar, with the most notable difference being in weight. While the Cub 154 Lo-Boy weighs 1,480 lbs., the standard Cub Lo-Boy and the 184 model weigh 1,620 lbs. and the 185 weighs 1,497 lbs. The Cub 154 Lo-Boy also sold for less money than the other models. While it was $2,400 in 1974, the Cub Lo-Boy sold for $4,000 in 1978, the 184 sold for $4,200 in 1980 and the 185 sold for $4,300 in 1976.

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