International 4140 Skid Steer Specs

by Chelsea Oliver
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The International Harvester Company, which was formed in 1902 and has since become Case IH, manufactures many varieties of agricultural and construction machinery. Skid steer loaders are small, wheeled machines to which an assortment of implements can be attached that are often used for digging purposes. International Harvester skid steer loaders include the 4140, 4120, 4136, 4150 and 3200B models.

4140 Skid Steer

The International Harvester Company's 4140 skid steer loader model was produced from 1978 until 1984. The diesel Isuzu engine is 40 horsepower and it has a rated operating capacity of 1,300 lbs. The width of this skid steer loader's bucket measures 56 inches and it weighs a total of 5,000 lbs. The front tires are 7.00 by 15 and the rear tires are identical.

4136 Skid Steer

This skid steer loader model was produced in only one year, 1981, and it is less powerful than International Harvester`s 4140 model. It has a 30 horsepower diesel Isuzu engine and is also smaller than the 4140 at 3,690 lbs. The bucket width measures 47 inches and it has a 960-lb rated operating capacity. The front and rear tires are both 5.70 by 15.

4120 Skid Steer

The 4120 skid steer loader, produced between 1978 and 1981, has a 16 horsepower, gasoline Kohler engine. Considerably less powerful than the other listed models, It weighs 1,595 lbs and the breakout force of the boom of this model is 500 lbs. The bucket width measures 35 inches and the front and rear tires are 5.70 by 12.

4150 Skid Steer Specifications

International Harvester`s 4150 skid steer loader was manufactured for two years, from 1978 until 1980. It is quite large and powerful, weighing 6,805 lbs with a 56 horsepower, diesel Isuzu engine with a 2.8-liter displacement. The front and back tires are the same, at 10.00 by 16.5 and the rated operating capacity is 2,000 lbs. The bucket of this model measures 68 inches in width.

3200B Skid Steer Specifications

The 3200B International Harvester skid steer loader was produced from 1974 until 1975. It has a 30 horsepower, gasoline Wisconsin engine and weighs 4,530 lbs. The breakout force of the boom of this model is 1,500 lbs and the bucket width is 48 inches. The front and rear tires are 7.00 by 15 and the displacement of the engine is 1.8 liters.

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