Allied 594 Front-End Loader Specs

by Robert Alley
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Allied front-end loaders are one in a product line of farm implements manufactured by Farm King. For more than 30 years, Allied has focused on front-end loader research which has resulted in a product that attaches to the front of a tractor and moves earth and meets other loading operations. The 594 model is a general purpose farm loader no longer in production.


The 594 is designed for use with tractors having horsepower ratings from 40 to 90. However, in the operator's manual, attachment of the loader to a smaller horsepower tractor is discussed. Specifically, if a tractor with less than 30 horsepower is utilized, then weight must be added to the tractor at its rear to counterbalance the weight of the 594 in the front. This measure means to protect against roll-over.

Bucket Cylinder

The bucket cylinder for the 594 has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Its length of stroke, the difference between the retracted and extended stroke, measures 20.5 inches. The retracted length is 32.35 inches, and the extended length totals 52.85 inches.

Lift Cylinder

The 594 lift cylinder has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Its length of stroke measures 28 inches while its retracted length is 38 inches. For its extended length, the measurement is 66 inches.

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