What Is the Difference From a Massey 165 to a 265?

by Lyle Burwell

The Massey 165 is a general-purpose farm tractor that was manufactured by Massey-Ferguson from 1964 through 1975. The Massey 265 replaced the 165 in 1974, and was produced until 1983. MF 165s sold in 1975 consisted of existing inventory at the time of the switch-over.


There were four options for 165 engines; all were 4-cylinder. Three of the choices were Perkins engines; the AD4. 203 diesel, A4.212 diesel and the AG4.212 gasoline. The third option was a 4-cylinder Continental gasoline engine. The 265 offered a Perkins AD4. 236 4-cylinder diesel, and that was it: other diesel and gasoline-powered engines were dropped. The ADA. 236 differed only slightly from the A4.212.

Engine Differences

The A4.212 has a bore/stroke of 3.875 x 4.50 inches, almost identical compared to 3.875 x 5.00 for the ADA. 236. The older A4.212 is actually the more powerful engine, generating 63 hp to the ADA. 236's 61 hp. Despite this, the ADA. 236 is the larger engine: the A4.212 has a 212 cubic inch displacement, the ADA. 236 displaces 236 cubic inches.

Tires and Wheelbase

Stock rear tires on the 265 were 16.9-24. Stock rear tires on the 165 were 14.9-28. Wheelbase (82 inches) and front tire dimensions (6.00-16), however, are identical.

Greatest Difference

The greatest difference between the Massey 165 and the Massey 265 is in weight, with a stock 265 weighing in at almost a 1,100 pounds heavier than the 165 (6,100 lbs. versus 5,005 lbs.). This is due to higher-capacity rear lift assembly. Where the 165 was rated at 3,594 lbs. of rear lift, the 265 increased lift 15 percent to 4,100 lbs.

Serial Number

Given the many similarities between the Massey 265 and 165, the surest and quickest way to tell what model you are dealing with is to locate the serial number plate. If the plate is attached to the underside of the steering column, the tractor is a Massey-Ferguson 165. If the plate is attached below the instrument panel, the tractor is a Massey-Ferguson 265.

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