How to Get Rid of Old Car Tires

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Disposing of old automobile and truck tires that you no longer need is more of a problem than it was in years past. Many landfills no longer accept used car tires for disposal. The same is true for a number of municipal junkyards. Two main reasons for this are a desire to protect the environment and the need to creatively use existing products. Fortunately there are several ways to rid yourself of unwanted car tires in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Contact your local municipality. There is a good chance that part of the recycling efforts sponsored by the local government include the collection of car tires that people no longer need. You can obtain information about scheduling pickup of the tires, or learn more about when and where periodic collections are made in your part of town.

Investigate other recycling options. If your community does not have a government-sponsored recycling plan for old tires, there is a good chance that a private organization operates one within a reasonable driving distance. You can obtain contact information for these organizations by checking the yellow pages in the local phone book, under the heading of "Recycling."

Look into developing a new use for the old tires. Along with recycling, repurposing is one effective way of utilizing old tires to address a need other than traveling the roads. Community parks sometimes use old tires to create obstacle courses for children to play in. Tire swings can also be easily created using old tires. Even something as simple as combining old tires, a metal pole, and cement can create portable posts that are ideal for setting up a temporary net for volleyball or tennis.

Sell the tires. Assuming there is an equitable amount of tread left on the tires, there is a good chance they would be ideal for someone who needs better tires but cannot afford new ones. You can advertise in the local newspaper and local community bulletin boards in supermarkets. While you are not likely to earn a lot of money from the sale, this approach does get the tires out of the way and provides you with some compensation for your efforts.

Turn the old tires in for a discount on the purchase of new tires. Some tire dealers will provide a small discount for trading in your old tires if there is enough tread remaining to indicate the tires are still roadworthy. Along with saving a few dollars on the new tires, you also can rest assured the tires will be recycled or repurposed in a responsible manner.

Donate your old tires to charity. Fundraising projects these days often provide ways for non-profit organizations to collect all sorts of materials that are purchased by companies that in turn make new products from the old ones. Along with old cell phones, eyeglasses and glassware, it is not unusual for a nonprofit to launch a drive to collect old tires to earn additional money for their continued operation. You help to support a worthy cause and often can also claim the donation as a tax deduction.


  • check If you have trouble finding some means of getting rid of your old tires in your city, turn your attention to the surrounding communities. There is a good chance someone within a reasonable distance can use the tires in some fashion.


  • close Never attempt to burn old tires as a way of disposing of them. The fumes are bad for the environment. In addition many communities now have laws prohibiting this type of activity.

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