What Is the Parent Company of Goodrich Tires?

by Charles Green
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Like so many tire companies, the BF Goodrich brand is owned by another company. In 1988, Goodrich Corp. decided to exit the tire business and sold its automobile tire operations to Michelin.


Founded in 1870 by Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, the Goodrich Corp. went on to became one of the largest rubber manufacturers in the world until it exited the tire business in 1988. The company is now involved in the aerospace, homeland security and defense industries.

Tire Business

In 1988, the company then known as Uniroyal Goodrich Corp. exited the tire manufacturing business, selling that part of its operation to the Michelin Group of France. Uniroyal and BF Goodrich brands are still produced and sold by Michelin.

Fun Facts

Goodrich produced its first automobile tire in 1896. To help distinguish itself from the similarly named Goodyear Tire Corp., Goodrich ran television ads with the tag line, "See that blimp up in the sky? We're the other guys!" Goodyear had the blimps; Goodrich did not.

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