What Does the 96Y Represent in the Following Tire Size: 245/40R19 96Y?

by Christopher John

The numbers and letters printed on the tire sidewall provide vital information about the tire's size and dimensions, and what the tire was designed for. In a tire marked "245/40R19 96Y," the "96Y" represents the tire's load index and speed rating.

Load Index

The "96" represents the tire's load index. The load index basically shows how much weight a tire can support. A load index of 96 gives the information that the tire can handle a load of 1,565 lbs. Passenger cars and light trucks normally have tires with a load index between 70 and 110.

Speed Rating

The "Y" at the end of the tire information tells the speed rating, or the tire's maximum speed capability. These ratings are initially calculated in kilometers per hour, then converted to miles per hour. A "Y" goes on a tire with top speed capabilities up to 300 kilometers per hour, or 186 miles per hour. These tires are not designed for autos like a family sedan, but for a vehicle with very high speed capabilities, such as an exotic, high-performance car.


The load index and speed rating are for tires that are working adequately. The load capacity designation is for a tire that is inflated at its maximum air pressure. According to information on the Tire Rack website, the speed rating only applies to tires that "have not been damaged, altered, under-inflated or overloaded."

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