How to Remove Road Paint From Tires

by Alibaster Smith

If you drive through a construction area while the roads are being painted, there is a high probability you'll end up with road paint on your tires. Road paint, usually white or yellow, will adhere to tires and soak into the rubber. If you get some on the tread, you can just continue driving and eventually the paint will come off as the tread wears down. If you get road paint on the sidewalls, however, it's unlikely it will ever come off by driving. At this point, you'll have to take action to remove it.

Step 1

Wash the tire down with soap and water using a sponge. Get all of the loose debris off the sidewalls of the tire.

Step 2

Scrub the surface with bug and tar remover, using a soft bristled brush, until all of the road paint comes off.

Step 3

Wash the bug and tar remover residue off with soap and water, and dry the tire with a lint-free towel.

Step 4

Apply a liberal amount of tire shine to the sidewall of the tire with an applicator brush. The tire shine acts like wax for tires. It protects the surface from dust, and it helps to reduce the amount of road debris that will stick to the tire surface.

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