Comparing General Tires With Goodyear Tires

by Kyle Unser
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Goodyear is an automotive company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of tires. A Goodyear tire has specific qualities that can you help you differentiate between Goodyear and other brands.


Every Goodyear tire will have the "Goodyear" name and logo printed on the face of the tire. The logo is a shoe with wings, attributed to the Greek god Hermes. In comparison, this is the easiest way to distinguish between other tire brands and a Goodyear tire.


High-value added (HVA) is a design that Goodyear tires use when compared to general tires, who use low-value added (LVA) designs for their tires. Goodyear's HVA tire design adds dual-tread zones with TreadLock technology, dual reinforced, carbon fiber, tire sidewalls, silica type tread and additional components for improved handling while driving.


Goodyear uses a technology that allows the tread of a tire to wear away at a slower rate, saving on gas. The less tread a tire has, the more gas is burned to gain traction from the tires. Many general tire companies do not possess such technology when creating their tread.

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