Cooper Vs. Kelly Tires

by Paul Cartmell
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Both Cooper and Kelly-Springfield Tires specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of tires for sale throughout the world. Cooper Tire website reports it is an independent organization, while Kelly is a subsidiary of Goodyear.


Both Cooper and Kelly Tires have a long history of tire manufacturing, Funding Universe reports Kelly-Springfield was established as the Rubber Tire Wheel Company in 1894, while Cooper Tire was established in 1914.


Cooper Tire, with headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, United.Kingdom and China. Funding Universe reports Kelly has the world's largest manufacturing plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Both Cooper and Kelly tires are manufactured for use on passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and light trucks. Cooper Tire reports it also creates tires for motor sport use, while Funding Universe explains Kelly tires also are produced for agricultural vehicle use.

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